City & State Parks

Spark imagination (and bouncing, and jumping, and sliding and climbing) with a custom themed soft playground for your park!

BoMar’s range of soft play elements can create an inclusive play environment for your youngest residents, giving them a soft, safe place to play.

Our playgrounds also provide an excellent sponsorship opportunity for local businesses. We can create an immersive, themed playground experience for sponsors with outstanding brand visibility that guests will love!

Pirate Ship w Dolphins 2

Ready to add some pizzazz to your park?

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Log Slice Dry Element

Land Elements

Let your littlest residents hop, skip and jump with our colorful soft-flex core play pieces! We offer soft sculpted slides, tunnels and climbing structures.

Octopus Slide


Whether you want a log, a hippo or a butterfly – our soft slides take any shape you can imagine, and are perfect for playgrounds and water play environments.



Floatable elements add extra entertainment to municipal pools, splash pads and any indoor or outdoor water play environments!

Baby Sealife Sprayers


Make a splash by adding a BoMar sprayer to your play area or pool!


Water Walks

Fun for all ages, our soft, colorful water-walks add a challenging element to your pool or aquatic center!

Idea Generation

Idea Generation

Want to see your options? Our team will work with you to generate ideas and provide a free design!