Add a splash to your aquatic play area with a soft, colorful sprayer!

Our sprayers can mist, sprinkle, pulse or stream up to 10 feet, and are a great feature in water-walks, as a climb-on floatable or as a stand-alone element.

Baby Sealife Sprayers

Ready to make a splash with a custom sprayer?

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Custom Designs

Every sprayer made by BoMar is hand-carved by a skilled artisan. This means every piece we produce – whether a clown fish, a palm tree or one of your own creations – is truly one-of-a-kind!

When designing your sprayer, BoMar will make custom adjustments and recommendations just for you based on your theme, target age demographic, physical space allotment and surrounding features. Our sprayers are constructed with internally plumbed flex-tubing that attaches directly to your stub-up water source.

Lobster Sprayer


BoMar’s soft and safe sprayers are built to withstand play, UV rays, chlorine, and more! We spent years developing and refining our techniques to ensure every piece is built with integrity to take on the test of time. Manufactured for year-round use, our pieces have an average lifespan of 8-10 years.

Every custom play piece is constructed with a high-density soft-flex foam core base, completed with multiple layers of high strength rubberized urethane coatings, urethane flexible paint, and a flexible urethane clear coat, resulting in a bright, colorful finish that is soft to the touch but built to last.

All BoMar products come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Any repairs required after the warranty period are offered to BoMar customers at a discounted rate.

Crab Sprayer


BoMar’s high-density foam and rubberized materials make for a soft and safe play environment for your customers! Our polyurethane finish provides an antibacterial and anti-fungal surface that is easy to clean.

All BoMar designs conform to ASTM F963 Safety Standards.