Water-walks create a fun, challenging experience at your pool or water park. Our soft, colorful floatables are strategically placed in a line or zig-zag pattern across the pool surface, topped with overhead criss-cross netting, allowing guests of all ages to hold tight as they bounce, slip and splash on a cushiony surface. The challenge: make your way across without falling in!

BoMar also offers soft surface Safety Edge Pads that can be strategically placed on pool edges where your guests would be entering or exiting the pool, providing adventurers with a soft, safe landing for when they make it to the other side.

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Custom Designs

Our team will work to produce a water-walk experience that is ideal for your environment! We can adjust the difficulty of water-walks depending on your intended audience and offer design elements for guests of any age.

Each floatable piece is hand-carved by a skilled artisan. This means everything we produce – whether lily pads, log slices or one of your own creations – is truly one-of-a-kind!

Water-walk floatable components are tethered to your pool bottom with a stainless-steel chain, stainless-steel clips and swivels, and enclosed in a polyethylene sleeve to keep fingers and toes safe! Netting is added above the floatable pads, secured by support poles that are wrapped in safety padding.

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BoMar’s soft and safe water-walks are built to withstand play, UV rays, chlorine, and more! We spent years developing and refining our techniques to ensure every piece is built with integrity to take on the test of time. Manufactured for year-round use, our pieces have an average lifespan of 8-10 years.

Every custom play piece is constructed with a high-density soft-flex foam core base, completed with multiple layers of high strength rubberized urethane coatings, urethane flexible paint, and a flexible urethane clear coat, resulting in a bright, colorful finish that is soft to the touch but built to last.

All BoMar products come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Any repairs required after the warranty period are offered to BoMar customers at a discounted rate.

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BoMar’s high-density foam and rubberized materials make for a soft and safe play environment for your customers! Our polyurethane finish provides an antibacterial and anti-fungal surface that is easy to clean.

We also offer soft surface Safety Edge Pads, and padding for other structural elements to provide a soft landing.

All BoMar designs conform to ASTM F963 Safety Standards.