Theme Parks

We’re known for our custom creations. BoMar’s team of experts and artisans will create eye-catching, themed soft play experiences that are unique to your amusement park.

Every piece we produce is hand crafted and one-of-a-kind.

Our soft play elements are extremely durable and will stand up to high foot traffic and outdoor elements.

High-density foam and rubberized materials make for a soft and safe play environment.

Pirate Ship w Dolphins (Profile)

Let’s Play!

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Log Slice Dry Element

Land Elements

Create a cool destination zone on dry land with BoMar’s colorful soft-flex core playground elements!

Octopus Slide


Our soft slides take any shape you can imagine, and are perfect for play areas, playgrounds and water play environments.



Floatable elements add extra entertainment to pools, splash pads or any indoor or outdoor water play environments!

Baby Sealife Sprayers


Make a splash by adding a BoMar sprayer to a water-walk, as a climb-on floatable or as a stand-alone element.


Water Walks

Fun for all ages, our soft, colorful water-walks add a challenging and eye-catching experience to your pool!

Idea Generation

Idea Generation

Want to see your options? Our team will work with you to generate ideas and provide a free design!